Too Much Current!

Feb 23

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We noticed a curious effect while driving the duplicate chassis on bag/tag night. While slowly rotating in place it would suddnely drive straight. A new battery seemed to solve it, but now we know the root cause. Today we had the old climber attached to the chassis so we could try to test rotating to an angle for autonomous, and noticed the effect of the robot driving straight. After graphing the curent while turning in place, we found that it pulls ~50A (on a 40A circuit breaker). The jag will stop that after 2s, and the circuit breaker some time later. Thus we have to solve it by either adding 2 more CIM's again, or by adding omni's to back (or both). The students are currently doing the omni's as that is likely going to be required for proper alignment on the pyramid any way and should aleviate our over current problems.

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